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New students: Do you want to borrow an item?


What can I borrow and how do I do it?

Returning items

Return books to the loan desk or to one of the drop boxes located in the libraries.

Mostrador de información y préstamo de la Biblioteca CentralBuzón interior de devolución de la Biblioteca Central

Buzón de devolución del Punto de Atención de Arquitectura

Mostrador de préstamo y buzón de devolución de la Biblioteca del Campus de MadridBuzón de devolución de la Biblioteca de Tecnun en San Sebastián

In the Central and Science Libraries, you will also find outside mailboxes at the access door. The Science Library one is located in the Hexagon Building.

How can I reserve or order a book?

If a material you wish to consult is currently on loan or is located in a place to which you do not have access, you can make a request or reservation.

View guide or watch our videotutorial.

My library account: your loans, reservations ...

My library account will allow you to manage your loans, requests and reservations, etc.

For example, if you need an item for a few more days, you will be able to renew it (if someone has not reserved it or if the renewal conditions allow it).

View guide and watch our videotutorials about My Library Account and How to renew a loan.