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New students: What you can do at the Library

What you can do at the Library Imagen decorativa sobre qué puedes hacer en la Biblioteca


Imagen decorativa sobre estudiar

At Library Services, you can study at any of the three campus libraries:

  • Main Library
  • Science Library
  • Service Point (School of Architecture)

Reserve a seat (Pamplona Campus)

There are also study desks at our San Sebastian and Madrid Campus libraries:

Have a group meeting

Imagen decorativa de las salas de trabajo en grupoReserve one of the Group Work Rooms at the Main Library and the Science Library to work on collaborative projects.

Use computers

Imagen decorativa de aulas de ordeandoresComputers are also available for use at any time at the Main and Science Libraries, and at Service Point (School of Architecture).

We have info-adapted stations for people with disabilities.

If you bring your laptop you can connect it to the University wifi network. See the help How to connect to the IT Services wifi.

Print, copy and scan

Imagen decorativa reprografíaLibrary Services has self-service machines that allow you to copy, print and scan.

Borrow books

Imagen decorativa librosThe Do you want to borrow an item? tab provides information on how many items you can borrow from the library and for how long.

If you are a Tecnun student, check all the information of your interest here.

Consult recommended bibliography

Imagen decorativa librosIn our guide about recommended bibliography we explain how to locate textbooks and other course materials recommended by your professors for your subjects.

Consult databases

Imagen decorativa del epígrafe base de datosWe also help you to discover and use the different databases we have in the Library where you can find articles, books and much more. Consult the database list and find out which ones we recommend according to the subject area.


Imagen decorativa de unos librosIf you like to read, you might want to browse about our collection of literature and comics in Spanish and English, or look for suggestions in the blog about reading Leyendo se entiende la gente.

Read the press

Imagen decorativa de la prensa​You can also read the daily press,  either in print form at the Main Library or by using any electronic device to access the digital format of the press outlets the Library subscribes to.

Watch documentaries

The Library has a large collection of documentaries to watch at the Library or to borrow.


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