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New students: Can we help you with a class paper?


Can I help you with a class paper? 


During your studies you will need to find and use quality and academic information.

In the library we provide you with all the necessary resources and our staff to help you. We have compiled the guides that may be of most interest to you when you have to do a class assignment.

How to do a class paper

In this guide we teach you the steps to follow to prepare an academic paper, the outline to follow, as well as some tips on writing and public defense of the same.

How to avoid plagiarism

In this guide we teach you how to avoid plagiarism and make an ethical use of information. You will also learn how to cite in different styles (APA, Chicago, Vancuver, etc.).

How to look for information

In this guide we teach you how to distinguish quality information, how to select the source of information, how to perform a good search to save time and obtain better results, how to manage all this information, etc. 

How to find the recommended bibliography for a subject

In this guide we show you how to locate the recommended bibliography by teachers in your ADI Virtual Classroom subjects.

How to find a book or article

In this guide we show you how to locate both books and journal articles in the library's own tools and in external tools such as other library catalogues, databases, etc. 

How to search in Unika, the Library search engine

In this guide we show you how to use our search engine, Unika, how to visualize the results, etc.

You can also watch our video tutorial

How to access Library resources from off campus

In this section we explain how you can access the databases, both on and off Campus. 

 Do you need help? 

Did you know that in the library we have a team of people ready to help you?

Contact your subject librarian if you have questions about how to search for information, cite the bibliography, etc. The librarian responsible for your subject area will meet with you and answer all your questions.